What is MaVeMu

In the beginning, there was blackness.

The void and chaos coexist as one.

Then it was separated.

MaVeMu's meaning is constructed from two Japanese Zen terms (Ma and Mu) that, In Zen practice, are supplementary terms as they emphasise a form of mindfulness or meditative awareness. It involves being fully present in the moment and experiencing things directly without conceptual or judgmental thinking. It can also refer to the space or silence between sounds or actions, highlighting the significance of stillness and non-doing. The "Ve" is the Hebrew letter "ו", used as concrete that merges different terms, objects and ideas into one.
  • Now, let's see how the concept of void and chaos manifests in jewellery objects. I'm exploring how this jewellery can be transformed into a relief talisman, a tangible source of comfort for those who experience angst and stress. 

    Using the space inside and outside as an element of its own ("ma"), the air and gaps, the different textures, size, weight, etc.